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generationNET knows how important good search engine rankings can be to your business. We understand how difficult it can be to keep up with google and other search engines, the tales and rumours surrounding what you should and shouldn't be doing. We know it can all get a bit too much and consume a lot of your resources.

We have invested a lot of time in our Search Engine Optimisation research and we know that we can make a difference.
Every website has it's own requirements for SEO, and so we will provide a proposal and quote specific to your keywords and targets but we generally follow 2 routes:
Basic SEO
Basic Search Engine Optimisation Always start with the basics, get your website into good shape and be search engine friendly.

Here are a few of the things that we will do*:
  • Make sure google has you indexed and verified
  • Checkout your sitemap
  • Validate your site structure and code - based on W3C recommendations
  • Make use of Google Analytics
  • Consider your page url's
  • Review your Page titles and content, amending to suit your keywords if necessary

* many of these points may already be in place on your site, but we'll check them for you anyway

Some of the recommendations made to you as part of this basic package may not be possible due to the structure of your website.

In some cases we may suggest additional work in order to meet some of our guidelines, for example, implementing a url re-writing mechanism. You may choose to take this work on yourself, ask us to quote to do it for you, or to leave it.

SEO Leicester

Ranking well for local searches, such as SEO Leicester (or 'wedding band Leicester') can often be acheived by ticking all of the boxes in our Basic SEO package. Prices for local searches start at just 350 + vat
Advanced SEO
Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Once your site meets the basic SEO guidelines, it's then time to consider how your site is seen by users, and how it compares and interacts with other sites on the web.

Tasks that we will perform include;
  • Examine x-browser support
  • Competitor Analysis - What do the best performing sites for your chosen keyword do differently from you and can you learn anything from this?
  • Internal Link Analysis - Are your menus and pages well structured to help google rate your site
  • Inbound Link Analysis - Do other websites link into your website?
  • Link Building - We start you off on the path to link building
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